Friday, January 3, 2014

how is she different (iii)


a productive Muslimah is one who takes pride in being a Muslimah. she is focused on preaching Islam through her own practice. she loves Allah, her focus in life is Allah’s pleasure, and she loves to do things that bring her closer to her creator and sustainer.

her main concern is her success in the akhirah, thus she makes the most of this world as a means to achieve that success. her iman is reflected through her outward appearance and mannerism, which is a complete submission to the shari’ah.

she lives a simple life that takes care of her needs and instead of going after her wants. she has a heart free of love for this world, free of love of leadership, free of bad opinions about others, free of grudges, malice, rancour, greed, envy and all other evil traits.

her tongue is not engaged in haram or vain talk, she thinks before she speaks, she controls her anger. she is a humble person; her goal is to be a better person every day of her life. she doesn’t hesitate to admit when she is wrong and is quick in correcting her wrongs/faults when she sees them.

she is neither stingy nor a spendthrift, but she loves to spend generously for those things which will bring her closer to her creator. her heart is clean and pure, filled with love and reverence for her creator: love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness for the creation.

she is full of gratitude for every single blessing, especially for the spiritual blessings, and she is always striving to progress spiritually. she has complete trust and reliance in Allah, and when she goes through difficult or disliked situations, she knows there is good in it for her – both in this world and the next.

she loves to be in the company of saliheen (righteous slaves of allah). she strives to keep her promises and commitments. she is soft spoken but firm in her words and works. she always strives to be a part of solution and not a part of problem.

she shows beautiful patience during difficult times, for she realizes things could have been worse, and that these are tests from Allah who can be called upon and he will answer the duas. and she also has the certainty that, “indeed, with hardship, there will be ease”

she is a living proof of what a Muslimah should be, and all this with the utmost sincerity to please her Almighty Lord.

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