Friday, November 8, 2013

how i met myself (iii);

(i) hah-ha! (you've been called 'too intense')
"do you have a penchant for philosophical conversations and a love of thought-provoking books and movies? if so, you’re a textbook introvert.

“introverts like to jump into the deep end,” says Dembling."

 ii) art-is
"maybe writing is a bit more personal to me, compared to talking. i’m in my own world when i write. i’m in my invisible bubble. i’m alone. i’m free. i’m naked. i’m fearless." 
- wnrdy 
iii) “what on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?” – anthony trollope
"many people read books to finish them. this is not always necessary. you can and should read books or articles just to read them — to glean new ideas, learn new words, and fall back in love with writing." 

- jeff goins
iv. 03:03, tiga cawan, dan 'takdeeeee ideaaaa';


Alyaa Ali said...

assalamualaikum akak

itu memang banyak kerja sangat

office; jam 3 pagi; 3 cawan kopi; kerja

semoga sentiasa dibantu Tuhan!
fi hifzillah kakak ^^

Anonymous said...

Umairah. (malas sign in)


wa'alaikummussalam :)

kalau banyak, takdelah akak siap update blog lagi. distracted namanya tu. kononlah workaholic ;P

tapi, sedihlah. akak still tak dapat cari 'inner voice' dalam artikel akak.

and im so sad T.T

Seorang Pencerita said...

salam,hai akak..
fuh sampai 3 cawan kopi..
semangat kak..akak boleh cr 'inner voice' tu

Umairah. said...

seorng pencerita;

eh, taklah. 2 je sebenarnya, satu yang pagi. satu lagi yang malam. satu lagi air kosong.

heh, malas basuh. :P

insyaAllah, ameen.
doakan akak, seorang pencerita! ;)

Seorang Pencerita said...

akak boleh punya...amin.insyaAllah.semangat! hahaha