Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ayah, dengarkan.

mr poppers penguin, 2011

"do you know how much girls talk?" 
"and if you're not listening, your kids know, especially girls" 
"but we have to become a good listener, especially the fathers" 
"the mom's naturally, Allah has given them certain gifts like parenting comes more naturally to a mother, but fathers have to work for it!" 
"I'm telling the fathers here, if we want our child to be raised in Islam, the first thing we need to be is their best friend, and that take serious work"
-ustadh nouman ali khan 
four-minutes-video; do you know how much girls talk?


..::Srikandi Asytari::.. said...

talk tu sgt something kan?


Umairah. said...

ya, ainum tgk? akak pun suka.
ainum boleh tgk lg vids beliau yg lainnya. best-


..::Srikandi Asytari::.. said...

yup. dah tgk lama dah y ni. touching even dlm lucu. ;')

memang best pun. hihi. alhamdulillah, akak temukan saya dgn dia. hehe

Umairah. said...

alhamdulillah pd kwn akak yg suggestkan dia :))