Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Draf Rabu.

dan, ini mungkin berguna.
heyy, be strong! xD



nusrah said...

serius suka header umy.... baru tukar kan??

p/s:doa Allah mudahkan urusan viva sy esok(khamis). Moga kejayaannya dpt sumbangkan sesuatu utk ummah. Sayang kerana Allah selalu. ^^

Umairah. said...

yerp. tp, simple je tu. nak buat pn sng. guna picnik. kalau nak, bleh je umy tlg buat satu. :)

amin3 ya Allah.

btw, ada sorg mdm nie cakap, yg umy rs sgt meaningful.

"if our intention is pure, even if we've a lot to study, assignments to finish or having night classes, we would be very happy in fulfilling these duties. it is bcuz ur end goal of studying or doing assignments is to please Allah.."

"always try to relate ur studies with Islam. different field of studies requires diff understanding. never forget to ask Allah swt to show u and guide u to find the answers.."

mdm nie lect rumate umy, anis. :)
sm2 btulkn niat, cr redha Allah. insyaAllah.

all the best! go2!