Tuesday, July 5, 2011


"..So now the main question is, what do we do to stay consistent? Let’s say for example I want to read some of the Quran everyday, and I know this was not something I used to do before thus it will be hard for me in the beginning until I get used to it. How can I make this into a long term thing and make it last? 

These three rules are excellent to follow for anyone who wants to start a good deed and stay consistent with doing that good deed for the rest of their lives, InshaAllah. 

Well, number one, the key to staying consistent is based on ones’ sincere intention. The most important thing is to make up your mind and intend on reaching your goal whether it is to read one surah every day, or to read a juz. Intention as we know is a big part of Islam because our Prophet, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us in this famous hadith, “The actions are but judged according to intentions; and to every man is due what he intended.” I used to have trouble waking up for the morning prayer, and I’ll admit, I still do struggle with waking for fajr sometimes especially in the winter when it’s so cold. But for me, what helps me most is my intention to wake up in the morning. When I make up my mind and tell myself that I will wake up in the morning for fajr, subhanallah it doesn’t matter how late I went to sleep during the night. I wake up on time before my alarm clock rings in the morning. 

The next most important thing to do to stay consistent is to set a realistic goal for yourself. Make a goal that will not be so hard for you to achieve. Coming back to if I want to read some of the Quran for example, I will want to start with at the most reciting one juz a day and the at the least two Suras a day. Every person knows themselves well enough to know what he/she can or cannot do. Take it one step at a time. 

The last thing one needs to do stay consistent is: do something on a regular basis! This is important. You cannot start something today and just leave it and come back to it two weeks later. Pick something that will be easy, and that you can do everyday. I forgot to mention the most important of them all, and that is to always make du’a! Ask Allah for help because without the help of Allah we cannot achieve anything!"

sincere intention.
set a realistic goal.
do something on a regular basis!
always make du'a!


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